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How do I create a new customer account?

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Master account holders can easily set a new customer account up.

1. Log in to Freespee and open the Accounts tab.


2. Click on the blue plus-sign to create a new customer.

3. Fill out the Customer details: Name, Number and Corporate ID (both are meant for your own purpose) as well as the email of a customer or account manager if you want them to receive a monthly report (optional). Please note that by entering an email in this field you do not create a login, if you want your customer to be able to login to the Freespee Dashboard, you have to create a new user. Add more users to my account

3. Adjust Customer settings: pick the type of the account, Basic or Premium, and choose whether the monthly report should be sent to the email you entered. This report is sent at the beginning of the month, and it is the same as the PDF report you can download from the Dashboard tab of a customer. Where can I find my reports? Finally, add whether Freespee Caller ID should be activated or not for this customer. What is Freespee Caller ID?

4. Click Create customer, and you're done!

Now that your customers' account is created, continue by Installing the script and allow a number.

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