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How long are my sources active?

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For static sources, you set the activity period yourself, by entering an Activation date and an Expiry date when creating a new source.

If you enter an Activation date, the number will be active that day. If you leave the Activation date, blank the number will be active within a few minutes.

At the end of the day you’ve entered as Expiry date, the number becomes inactive and goes to quarantine. If you don't enter the expiry date, the number will be active until you remove it.

The default quarantine time is 60 days, within which the number remains allocated to your account, and you can reactivate it. When someone calls a quarantined number, they hear a message: "Invalid number" or "Number not in use". After the end of quarantine time, the number is returned to the number pool and becomes available for all customers.

The Time-to-live of dynamic numbers is calculated with the help of a sophisticated algorithm and involves a number of different parameters, ensuring that tracking embraces all possible scenarios, and our customers receive correct data. Management of dynamic numbers occurs automatically, that's why you can not manage their expiry date and other settings.

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