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Path to conversion – From visits to phone calls

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To think that the exact referrer that ended up in a phone call is the only one responsible for an incoming lead is like thinking that a goal scorer in football assisted himself and was in the game all alone. Freespee allows you to see the whole user journey before a call takes place, and understand your customers' behaviour to make even better decisions in online marketing.

In online marketing, it is important to understand the roles that all your online marketing channels play in making a call to take place. It may only be Google SEM or Facebook as a referrer that counts as the converting channel, but a lot of other channels do also assist in making a call take place. What if it was from an organic search result someone first read about your services, but it was two weeks later the person entered your website directly and then made a decision to call you? Wouldn’t it be a crime not to care about this information if you invested in SEO?

By enabling the Freespee Google Analytics App and setting up a Goal for Freespee Calls, you can see the whole user journey in Google Analytics using the Multi-Channel Funnel View, and get information about all the channels involved for each call.

Here's a quick guide on how to find out about your user journeys:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on Conversions < Multi-Channel Funnel View < Top Conversions Paths.
  2. Right above the graph, select the Goal you've set up for the Freespee Calls event in the drop-down menu for conversions.
  3. Check out your top conversion paths in the list below to see how all your online marketing channels are performing and play their part in creating incoming phone calls.

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