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Using Google Tag Manager?

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In order to make the implementation of the Freespee script work, make sure that you've correctly added the Google Tag Manager script to your website.

For those of you who use Google Tag Manager for managing the tags of your website, there is a very simple way to add the Freespee script to your website and get started with Freespee call-tracking!

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to add the Freespee script to your page using Google Tag Manager:

  1. Log in to Google Tag Manager and choose the Account you want to add the Freespee script to.
  2. Choose the Container for the specific website you want to add the Freespee script to.
  3. Once you've chosen the container and entered the overview of your scripts, click on the New-button to create a new tag.

  4. Name the tag Freespee Call-Tracking and select Custom HTML as Tag Type. Once you've done this you simply copy the Freespee script from the Settings tab in your Freespee dashboard and paste it into the HTML-field.

  5. For Google Tag Manager to be able to run the script on your website you have to set up rules for firing. Click on Firing Rules and select All Pages as a firing rule. This makes sure the script is being placed in the right place to crawl all pages of your website, and dynamically change all numbers found.

  6. Now, save the tag by clicking on the Save-button and head back to Container > Overview in the left menu. Once in the Container overview, click on Create version-button to prepare the tag for publishing. A version, in this case, can be described as a snapshot of the container.

  7. Finally, click on Version > Overview in the left menu, select the number of the created version and simply click on the Publish-button and you're up-and-running with Freespee call-tracking!

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