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Google Analytics integration

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The Freespee to Google Analytics integration can easily be enabled in your Freespee account.

Do you want to use Google Universal Analytics and GA4? You can, for more info on how to send data to GA4 please see our article here.

Here is how to do it:

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Workflows tab and then choose Integrations and search for Google Analytics.



2. Find the Google Analytics integration and click on the request button (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the Integration for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this integration in order for you to use it.


3. When you have got an email saying the integration has been enabled you can go to the integrations site again and click on setup.


4. If you do not fill in any settings Freespee will automatically pick up the Google Analytics tracking ID (UA id) found on your website. Then just click save & Activate button and you are all done.



  • UA/GA4: UA tracking or G measurement ID (optional): You can manually enter one or multiple UA id(s), separated by comma (",") without blanks : UA-XXXXXXX-X,UA-XXXXXXX-X. (Please note that as soon as you add a property ID to the GA integration, you overwrite the ones that are automatically extracted from the site). You can also add a UA id and a Measurement ID for GA4, comma separated. More on GA4 here.
  • GA4: API secret (optional): This is of GA4 only (mandatory for GA4, not needed for GA).

  • UA: A list of custom dimensions, separated with comma (optional): Custom dimensions that if being passed on to Freespee can also be sent to Google. 

  • UA: Extract Client ID from a custom cookie (optional): You can extract the Client ID from a specific cookie if known, you can add the cookie name here. The default is to use the _ga cookie.

  • Unique caller time frame is an optional setting that will ensure that an event is not sent within the selected timeframe if it's from the same origin number calling.

  • When Don't send static numbers events option is selected, we will prevent static number calls to be sent.

  • It is also possible to add a custom dimension to the corresponding field and the script will take care of the rest! Make sure to include 'cd1=' at the start.

  • Send goal value as event value means that if you have defined a campaign and pricing-model in Freespee, this setting changes so that the actual value decided by the pricing-model is sent instead of the call duration in seconds (i.e. a monetary value).

  • When to send data to GA allows the option to delay sending the data.

  • You can also choose to Send all events non-interactive so that the event data is sent without any visitor/website/online activity (for example a call on a static number sent to GA will otherwise also create a virtual online session in GA which would dilute the real online statistics).

  • Additional reporting dimension to the Category field is an optional field that allows you to attach Identifier or Name of the answering number to the Event Category field in the data package sent into Google Analytics. If either Identifier or Name is set and the option is selected in the integration's configuration, the event Category will show up in Google Analytics as "Freespee Calls - [Identifier/Name]" instead of simply "Freespee Calls".


That's it!

Once the integration is enabled, Freespee will start feeding your calls into your Google Analytics standard report into Content > Events. The event category pushed is ”Freespee calls”.

All the call info from your Freespee Dashboard is also pushed there, including the media type of the source & keywords, if present (can be found under Event action), status – whether the call was answered or missed (Event label) and the duration of each call (Event value). Freespee will also pick up any custom dimension set at page view and send back to Google Analytics together with the event.

Please note that Freespee does not get access to your Google Analytics account data!

How it works

  • Freespee feeds all your calls to Google Analytics
  • Calls show up as Events in your Google Analytics dashboard
  • Your calls can also be used to trigger Goals
  • AdWords links with the Google Click ID and can be used to optimize ad placement
  • Freespee detects and supports both Google Analytics and Universal Analytics

What we send

  • Call date and time
  • Call status (answered or missed)
  • Call duration
  • Google Click ID
  • Google Client ID


Example of how it can look in Google Analytics


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How to set up the allowed numbers and their Identifier and/or Name to send to GA

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