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Where can I find my reports?

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To generate your report, open the Dashboard tab in your Freespee account and click the following Menu in the top-right corner.



Clicking this will display an Action menu with both a PDF and CSV option.


Choose the time period by clicking the blue Filter icon in the bottom-right corner and selecting your preferred dates. Select data for a specific time period

Automatically send monthly reports

Monthly reports are automatically sent to your email address at the beginning of the month if this option is activated for your account. To activate it, simply open the Settings tab.


Go to the tab Users and set the bar to Short or Extended depending on how detailed you want your monthly report to be.


You can also draw a report for a custom date range; Select data for a specific time period

Please note, that Master account holders have a special Reports tab where they can generate extended reports for detailed and overview purposes. 


Please find more information in the article  Reports for master account holders in the Master accounts section.


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