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Can I record calls?

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Yes, you can turn call recording on in a few steps. This is how to do it:

If you are working with campaigns, this is how to turn call recording on

1. Open the Campaigns tab and click on the Campaign name.



2. Set Record calls to Always: Yes


3. Save the changes made in the campaign. Done!

If you are working with static numbers outside a campaign, please follow the steps below to turn call recording on.

1. Open the Numbers tab, find the number that you want to start recording calls to, and click on show details:



2. Set the Record calls option to Always: Yes


3. Save the number.

Done! You can access all recordings in the User events tab.

If you can't see the Record calls option, please create a ticket, and we will enable it for you.

Information to the caller about a recorded-call


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