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Enable notifications for calls

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Freespee software can automatically send email notifications for every missed, dropped, incoming and/or answered calls. This function can be enabled in three different ways:


A) By using Workflows:

If you enable the Dropped Call workflow there is no need to enable the missed call workflow also as the dropped call workflow will trigger on both missed calls and calls under the duration you set.

1. Under the tab Workflows, you can find the 4 workflows for all answered, incoming, dropped and/or missed call notifications. 


2. Simply click on the Request button. (This only needs to be done once and only if it is not done before). This will send a ticket to our support team that will enable the Integration for you as soon as possible. Note that your agreement must include this integration in order for you to use it.

 3. When you have got an email saying the integration has been enabled you can go to the integrations site again and click on setup. There are no settings needed for the incoming, missed and answered call notifier workflows, so all you need to do is click to activate them. 


For dropped calls, you can set up in the Edit tab the maximum duration of the call in seconds to determine it has been considered as 'dropped'. 




4. For the email notifications to work, you have to add the email address as a User in the sub-account Settings tab and then enable the corresponding notification as per below: 


 5. Done! Now you will start receiving emails about the type of calls you have set up the notification for. 


B) In the Campaigns tab:

1. Find the customer for whom you want to enable notifications (if you are a Master account holder).


2. Open the Campaigns tab and click on the Campaign name.


3. In the second section of the Campaign, you can see the section Send notification.

4. Select Yes next to the notifications you wish to receive and click Save campaign at the bottom of the page to confirm your changes. The chosen type of notifications will be sent to customer's email address for all sources that belong to that particular segment.


C) On a separate Static number:

 1. Find the customer for whom you want to enable notifications (if you are a Master account holder).


2. Open the Numbers tab, find the number and click on Show details.


3. Set the bar to Yes next to the notifications you wish to receive and enter the email address.

4. Click Save to confirm the changes.


Sms notifications are turned on in the same places. See Enabling SMS notifications for calls.


Notifications can also be enabled through the API. Your developers can read more about it in the API documentation; Notifications.

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