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AdmoTV Integration

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Admo.tv is one of the fastest growing TV tech companies in Europe. They help over 250 top tiers brands (Accor Hotels, BMW, Match.com, Showroomprive.com, Coca-Cola, HSBC, etc.) across 15 countries to analyse and amplify the impact of their TV ads on their online business.

The Admo.tv platform gives you a real-time measurement of your TV impact on your online environment: website (Drive-To-Web) or mobile application (Drive-To-App). Their proprietary TV-tracking technology informs you in real time when a TV commercial is broadcast. Their dynamic-calculation algorithms determine the incremental traffic generated by each of your TV ads. 
They help top-tier brands measuring and analyzing the impact of their TV ads to enhance their performances. And since TV impact is not limited to visits brought in by TV, the Admo.tv platform also lets you measure the impact of your ads on your conversions: sign-ups, cart, app downloads, calls from call-centres and more. Admo.tv is a VC Backed company with offices in Paris and London.

By enabling this integration Freespee will automatically feed Admo.tv with call metrics linked to TV ads.

How to activate

1. Log in to Freespee, open the Recipes tab and search for AdmoTV


2. Find the AdmoTV integration and click the toggle to Enable.


3. Enter your AdmoTV Subdomain and press Save changes. Then you are done!


How it works

  • When a visitor comes to the website, we will collect the AdmoTV user ID.
  • If the visitor makes a call we will send data to AdmoTV which will then connect the call to an ad.

What we send

  • AdmoTV User ID
  • User Agent
  • Call start time
  • Call status

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