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Segments criteria

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You can create segments in the Freespee platform to handle your call data. Segments are used in recipes and in the near future you will be able to filter your dashboard and create reports based on segments.

When you are defining your segment, you will need to define the criteria. Currently it is possible to use following criteria:

Property selector Second level selector  
Call Duration   Length of the call in seconds
Call Status   Whether the call was answered or missed
Caller Area code   Area code of the caller’s phone number
Geolocation Continent Code
Country Code (2 digit)
Country Code (3 digit)
Country Name
Postal Code
DMA Code
Area Code
Geographic region where user visited the website based on IP address
UTM Parameter UTM Source
UTM Medium
UTM Campaign
UTM Content
UTM Term
Google Analytics UTM parameters of the last visited web page
URL   Last visited web page of the caller
Device   Whether browsing device was Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
Commission   Commission in caller data
Caller ID   Any part of caller’s phone number
Destination Number   The phone number (or part of it) that Freespee connects the phone calls to. In the case of Dynamic Numbers, this is also the number replaced by the Freespee JavaScript.

In the segments it is possible to combine several of these. However, if you combine too strict criteria together, it might be possible that the segment never catches any traffic.

To see the likely impact of the segment to the future traffic there is a graph and percentage shown when you create a segment. This information is based on analysing data based on calls that have already taken place and may not correspond with future calls. Currently it is not possible to see the estimation based on all criteria.

In the example below, we have selected the users who have called after browsing on the English version of a website:


When combined with the information about the length of the call we see that the segment of these users are much smaller.


Some segments are overlapping and therefore even though the actual percentage of calls which were longer than 45 seconds is 70% (the large yellow circle), the sum of the segments is just 17%.

For the purposes of Advanced Assignment Workflow not all segments are useful as for example the Call Duration in the example above is only available after the call. For the purposes of Advanced Assignment the following criteria are available at this time: Caller Area Code, Geolocation, UTM Parameter, URL, Device, Caller ID and Destination Number.


Freespee Segments

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