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Developer API: /textmessages/sms

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This resource is used to send text messages via SMS.

Note that this resource requires additional access rights and agreement in place that allows the usage of SMS, please contact your CSM to get information on pricing and how to amend your agreement.


Method not supported.


Mandatory parameters

Name Type Description
customer_id int Freespee's unique ID for customer.
msg string Text message to send
from_nr string Number or Name to send from
to_nr String Number to send to (e164 format)

Optional parameters

Name Type Description
flashsms int Send as flash SMS, 1=true
ttl int Time-to-live for SMS message


Name Type Description
status bool True or false
msg string Additional information (may be empty)
id int Freespee's unique ID for the SMS message


Method not supported.


Method not supported.

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